Инструкция для eheim professional 3 2075

инструкция для eheim professional 3 2075
Still the 4yr guarantee is reassuring, even if I don’t plan on using it any time soon!! Фильтр имеет функцию регулировки течения в разных режимах. Если у вас возникнут сложности с подбором — проконсультируйтесь с нашими менеджерами.Код товара: 2275020 Нашли дешевле? And this is what the advertising company is focused on, they call this filters product line the energy-saving one. This type of filter system generally works better with spray bar to help break surface tension and provide the water with oxygen exchange. Особо не напрягает меня Хорошо что все фильтрущюие материалы идут в комплекте.

The filter has high quality ceramic axel to ensure its noiseless operation. Complicated priming principles for which every aquarium owner developed his own more or less inconvenient and often also wet technology are now a thing of the past. All filter media and fillers come in the filter set.Each component is in separate basket which allows taking out each of them easily from the filter canister to wash or replace. Ionite, zeolite and other substances are used as a filter medium. • Adsorbtion of some substances (for example some medicines after the treatment was finished) this is when carbon is used.

Внешний фильтр в пресный аквариум, полностью укомплектованный оригинальными наполнителями. С помощью запорного рычага можно увеличить или уменьшить водяной поток. Eheim have adopted the many advantages of the professional 3 series – powerful performance, optimal energy efficiency, quiet operation, priming aid, safety… View full product details ». The baskets with fillers have subsidiary filtering sponge on the edges which performs additional mechanical water purification. Was pricey but Im happy with it so far. I’ve used all the other Eheims from Classic, ProIIs and like this one the best. jetsurgn has used this product for 3-12 Months.

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