Инструкция телефона rio r1

инструкция телефона rio r1
Notice that VBScript code can be easily converted to Lua with LuaCOM. This manual does not provide information for developers who need deeper technical information about LuaCOM or who are willing to modify it for some reason. Doing this, LuaCOM will automatically find the default source interface, create a LuaCOM object implemented by the supplied table and then connect this object to the ActiveX object. This has some consequences on the object disposal: a component may only consider as «finished» its relationship with LuaCOM when all references to its objects are released, not only the one created with CreateObject; some components have a «Quit» method. This could be circumvented passing the optional parameters inside a table, but this hasn’t been tested. Some objects refuse to work without this step.

DumpTypeInfo Dumps to the console the type information of the specified LuaCOM object. ExportEnumerations returns a table with all the enumerations in this typelib. For each parameter there are three possibilities: The parameter is an «in» parameter LuaCOM gets the first Lua parameter not yet converted and converts it to COM using LuaCOM type conversion engine. GetTypeAttr returns a table containing the type attributes for the type description. The method DumpTypeInfo can be used in console applications to list the methods and properties of the interface. It does not give much information, but can be helpful when playing with an object. Clone returns a new enumerator in the same state.

That is, the «out» parameters SHOULD NOT appear in the Lua parameter list. The ActiveX binding has to translate the COM method calls to Lua function calls. Este es el m. más importante de la risa, junto con el risorio. “Posición de partida” El paciente mira hacia adelante con la cara relajada. Эргономика Смартфон полностью выполнен из пластика. Он прекрасно лежит в ладони и, несмотря на его глянцевую поверхность, совершенно не скользит. Во время эксплуатации чувствуется вес смартфона, что не даст его уронить или промахнуться мимо кармана. Implementing other objects The other objects of the component are obtained via the Lua Application Object as return values of functions or as values stored in the fields of the Lua Application Object (that is, via property access). These object should be implemented using ImplInterface.

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