Инструкция samsung sm

инструкция samsung sm
Use your mobile device to have a conversation. Notifications panel Stay up to date with events, notifications, and messages from your mobile device.You can change settings for the notification feature of the Gear on your mobile device. Fit the strap to your wrist and then insert the pin into an adjustment hole. Do not bend the strap excessively. Answering calls You can initiate calls or receive notifications for incoming calls. Wearing the Gear correctly When measuring your heart rate, wear the Gear securely on your arm above your wrist as shown in the figure below. Do not fasten the Gear too tightly. Turning the screen on and off To turn on the screen, press the Home key or the Back key. To turn off the screen, cover it with your palm.The screen will turn off if the Gear is not used for a specified period.

Measuring your heart rate 1 Tap Heart rate on the Apps screen. 2 Tap Measure to begin measuring your heart rate. The available capacity may change when you update the device. • Legal information:View the legal information for the Gear. • Unknown sources: Set the Gear to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. • Device name: Change the Gear’s name. Steps The Gear counts the number of steps you have taken and measures the distance travelled.

Samsung Galaxy Apps You can download apps for your Gear from Samsung Galaxy Apps. On the Apps screen of the mobile device, tap Samsung Gear → Samsung Galaxy Apps. Uninstalling apps Tap UNINSTALL and select apps to remove from the Gear. Playing music on the Gear You can play music on the Gear.To listen to music saved in your Gear, you must connect a Bluetooth headset. 1 Tap Music Player on the Apps screen. 2 Tap → Music from: Gear.

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