Инструкция zeiss victory diavari 2 5

инструкция zeiss victory diavari 2 5
The power ring itself takes a decent amount of force to change so you know it should stay in place and the required amount of force is even throughout the range. Zeiss Victory V8 eliminoi superzoomeissa tyypilliset ongelmat kuten kirkkauden menetys, pieni ulostulopupillit ja kulmikas design. The Steiner 5-25×56 scope only has two reticle choices, but one of them is the very popular MSR reticle. Lyhyesti sanottuna, Zeiss Victory V8 mullistava uutuus joka suhteessa ja asettaa metsästystähtäimien aateliston suorituskyvyn aivan uudelle tasolle. 8x Super-Zoom — ilman kompromisseja valonläpäisyssä. Купил другой прицел с сеткой и радуюсь, а этот пылится дома. senior 18-01-2012 15:57Попробуйте мой калькулятор (если у вас есть телефон на Андроиде). Эта сетка в нем поддерживается.

Сам владею дюралютом, прекрасный прицел,очень классная картинка, потрясающее качество. OLEG 83 05-08-2015 11:06Уже поня,но все равно спасибо. This may sound foreign or hard to believe, but it’s the way it is.Overview of TestsOptical PerformanceI took a fresh approach to quantifying optical performance. The finish is a low reflective matte but with a little bit of luster to it, so not as matte and dull as other tactical scopes, but certainly still matte and serviceable for field work.

Otus lenses are complex no-compromise designs which Zeiss refers to as the «best in the world» in the normal lens and short telephoto categories. Plex ( 20 ) Terra 3X 4 — 12 x 42 Ret. The most important Zeiss lens by Rudolph was the Tessar, first sold in 1902 in its Series IIb f/6.3 form. It can be said as a combination of the front half of the Unar with the rear half of the Protar. This feedback helped me determine how to weight the various aspects in my overall score. But with these knobs you will need to remember to cut the number in half. 4 on the knob means 2 MILS or 20 centimeters. Unohtamatta hämärämetsästystä ja siihen 92% valonläpäisyn tuomaa varmuutta.

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