Контроллер millenium ec 12 инструкция

контроллер millenium ec 12 инструкция
The following window appears:To lock the front panel and prevent the user from accessing the menu, check this box.§9 To protect the program with a password, check this box. 5.5 Monitoring modeThe controller is then connected to the PC.This mode has the same characteristics as simulation mode. This example shows the sequence of a program using S F C.pm2 SFC functions.• See Help: double-click on the block and click on ? 4.5 Backlighting the display. BK light: processed like an output. You are then presented with the following dialogue box:The Millenium time is displayed by default; you can modify this time if you wish and then send it tothe controller.

Choose the time when this event occurs, then define the state of the output at this instant. Note: When communication is established but you cannot communicate with the Millenium, check the parameter settings of Modem B on your PC (internal or external). To do this: In Windows, select Start – Settings – Control panel then double-click on Modems. The principle is simple, since it involves sequentialprogramming, with steps succeeding one another surrounded by transitions.

There are both analogue and digital constants.Here is an example using two digital constants. NUM.pm2• See Help: double-click on the block and click on ? 1 sec: This is an internal clock with a period of one second. Here is anexample of using supervision mode: PIN PON.pm2 5.2.2 ImportYou have the option of recovering all or part of the wiring page of an existing file. To import a wiringscheme, you should already have opened a file. Dialling Connected to remote computer From this moment, you can perform functions such as writing, reading, monitoring, Stop, Run, Initialize To end the communication, click Controller — connection – disconnect.

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