Мануал на suzuki sv650s

мануал на suzuki sv650s
Use one hand to stabilize the funnel to prevent spills. The combination of light weight, rigid chassis, strong handling, and the V-twin’s strong mid-range torque appealed to beginner and experienced riders alike. Carefully lift the front of the tank to gain access to the hoses attached to the tank. Do not lift the tank too much, or you risk damaging fuel lines, vacuum lines and spilling fuel.

When you set your tank aside, be mindful of the petcock hose fittings, especially the vacuum fitting on the bottom. The top right bolt, however, should be removed with a box end wrench because the radiator cap and neck are in the way. Carefully move the radiator to the right side of the bike, out of the way of the cylinder head. Suzuki rates the drain plug torque at 9.5 lb-ft (13 N-m). Place the radiator cap back over the filler hole and turn it clockwise until is snug. You can turn the engine on for a couple seconds to help pull coolant through the system.

Carefully pull the radiator hose off the radiator outlet. Insert the seat bolts and turn them clockwise until they are snug. If you have frame covers, reposition them into their appropriate spots, insert their bolts and turn the bolts clockwise until they are snug. Slightly twisting the hose left and right to «walk» the hose off the inlet may help if it is stuck. Lift the front of the tank slightly. Re-attach the fuel hose. Re-attach the vacuum hose.

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