Мануал хонда сбр 600 р р

мануал хонда сбр 600 р р
Photography by Kevin Wing Honda CBR600F2 The 600cc sportbikes have always been the biggest sellers for the big four Japanese manufacturers. Six-spoke RC30-style wheels were 3.5 x 17 inches in front and 4.5 x 17 inches out back. Only spring preload adjustability was available on the Showa 41mm conventional fork. Come and say hi on Google+ or Facebook.

Not only are they less expensive than the larger displacement bikes, they are also cheaper to insure, maintain and even though they don’t have the same horsepower or torque as the 750cc or 1000cc bikes, they are plenty fast. The advent of the CBR-F3 model also saw the debut of ram-air induction on a Honda sportbike. The new 1995 F3 featured another bump in carb size up to 36mm. Honda Motorcycle ACCESSORIES! CLICK HERE Honda Side by Side ACCESSORIES! CLICK HERE Popular Honda Parts Sign up to get special offers, tips & more! Honda was beginning to feel threatened by the competition, so they again went back to the design well in ’97 for another round of tricks. The CBR-F2 and F3 front brake setups were very efficient for their time, especially since they only used a less expensive twin-piston slide-pin caliper against competition that was already using four-piston calipers.

Industrious owners however discovered that they could fit a GSXR1000 or a Yamaha R1 rectifier in its place. Если вам не удалось найти нужную сервисную книгу, мы можем помочь! The chassis was a new twin-spar design but was still made from steel, with 25 degrees of rake and 3.7 inches trail with a 55.5-inch wheelbase. The bike also had side mounted air scoops but they fed cool air under the tank and not directly into the 6.2-liter airbox. Мощный оппозитный шестицилиндровый двигатель не имеет аналогов в мотомире и практически не создает вибраций, кофры объемом почти 120 литров позволяют взять с собой все необходимое для длительного международного турне, а RDS-радио, аудиосистема и интерком не дадут скучать в пути. Honda ruled the 600cc roost and would not face a serious challenge until the new Ninja ZX-6R arrived in 1995. The Honda F2 was one of the first sportbikes to have a clean, no frills dashboard; no ugly welds showing, no wires protruding from weird places.

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