Мицубиси паджеро ио 1999 инструкция

мицубиси паджеро ио 1999 инструкция
Luggage space is similarly not much to get excited about and the lack of a blind for luggage will not suit people planning to leave their car out on the street regularly. Servicing Under the bonnet is not particularly well laid out, however, the majority of serviced items are easily accessed. Mitsubishi Pajero iO (H_W) 1998 — н.в. гг.

Разобрал руль и снял пластик с рулевой колонки. Unfortunately, a passenger airbag and anti-lock brakes are not even optional. The Mitsubishi 4G9 engine is a series of straight-4 automobile engines produced by Mitsubishi Motors. Both manual and automatic transmissions are based on existing units from other Mitsubishi vehicles with minor modifications to enhance the shift quality, and reduce noise and vibration. Features & equipment Both the 1.6 and the 1.8 litre engines are four-cylinder Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) configurations with sixteen valves and multipoint fuel injection.

The plungers on the fronts need greasing when you change pads. Оказалось, что какой то умелец выкинул кольцо SRS (в котором шлейф паяют) и зачем то пиропатрон от подушки безопасности! Содержание Первое поколение Общие данные Дизайн Двигатели Трансмиссия механическая 5-ступ. Buy assuming you will be the last owner. It’s the sort of car you run on snow tyres year round.- Transmission is over engineered2WD/4WD, can switch on the move. O/D, LSD rear, central diff locking, crawler gear, auto and manual options. Впервые Pajero был представлен в 1976 году на Токийском автосалоне как концепт-кар пляжного автомобиля, созданный на базе Mitsubishi Jeep, выпускавшегося по лицензии. The square features, bold grille, built-in wheel arch flares, relatively short wheelbase and wide wheel track give the iO a compact, rugged look that suits its all-terrain image.

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