Презентация 9 класс ленин и сталин

презентация 9 класс ленин и сталин
According to Solzhenitsyn, this reflected Stalin’s spy mania. The blockade failed due to the unexpected massive aerial resupply campaign carried out by the Western powers known as the Berlin Airlift. In 1949, Stalin conceded defeat and ended the blockade. Для организации РККА в больших количествах привлекались бывшие царские офицеры, традиционно воспринимавшиеся социалистами, как контрреволюционеры, стремящиеся к силовому разгону восстаний. After the White Army surrendered, Trotsky was elected a member of the Communist Party central committee. He was clearly positioned as the Soviet Union’s number-two man, next to Lenin. However, churches subordinated to and controlled by the State were allowed to exist. ( These were Orthodox and Catholic churches, though the latter was severely restricted). Security personnel infiltrated the churches, even becoming Orthodox clergy. Nevertheless, in comparison with the later Stalinist period, NEP was a time of relative cultural freedom.

Участие партийной массы в действительном формировании партийной организации становится все более и более призрачным… Секретарскому бюрократизму должен быть положен конец. Lenin speaking in 1919 Before 1914, Lenin mostly agreed with mainstream European Marxist orthodoxy. Америка же видела угрозу своей безопасности в росте влияния СССР в мире.

Находясь во главе армии в военное время, Троцкий на несколько лет получил в свои руки практически неограниченную власть. Many of the Social Democrats, including the ambitious Joseph Stalin, sided with Lenin. Others, such as the Communist Party of China, instead chose to split from the Soviet Union.

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