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Кузов и электрооборудование Каких-либо проблем с коррозийной стойкостью у Honda CR-V второго поколения нет. Car is now exactly 2 years old!Fast forward to today, May 9, 2017. Oil light came on and I took SUV in for the oil service. Well this past week my daughter was driving the car in very slow traffic on a back road and the same thing happened to her. They test the battery again and once again it passes!! They then state they need to do a load and discharge test at which the battery fails. I’m then told for just under $200 they will replace it. There has been a known issue with the A/C compressor since at least 2002. Well guess what?

When I got my car back, the vibration was actually worse! I called my assigned American Honda rep again and he offered no further resolutions as they supposedly did all the could do until they have a «fix» — which I am still waiting for. Had to get jumped. I was afraid to stop on the way home so I drove over 6 hours without stopping. Эксплуатация авто преймущественно в городе с редкими выездами в горы. Она получила 16-дюймовые диски, новые задние фонари и головную оптику, и новую решётку радиатора. The dealership in Townsend Honda told me that the parts should be in around August. I keep calling after first week of August to check my car.
Obviously something went wrong on the assembling line and Quality Control was not at its best. Nothing has been radically altered: beside minor revisions to exterior and interior trim pieces, there are new, greener engine and transmission options and some clever safety tech. Any issues I had was taken care of promptly when having recalls and other issues in my extended warranties I brought with this CR-V without any hassles from Hardin Co Honda. It is sad to hear of so many complaints about Honda. The dealer replaced the switch the first 2 times it happened but I had to pay $199 the third time because they couldn’t get verification from corporate. I dealt with the corporate customer relations for 7 weeks only to be told the dealer shouldn’t have replaced without corporate approval. Силовой каркас кроссовера получил рейтинг «приемлемо», но общий показатель — «незначительная защита» из-за сломанной левой ноги тестового манекена. They never clean up after they do the work, I found some nuts and bolt in the floor board.

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