Easy balance tetra инструкция

easy balance tetra инструкция
Less obvious, but detectable on wet mount examination (100×) of gill tissue, is “bent” or deformed cartilage, which may also indicate a history of ascorbic acid deficiency. Added a small bottle of safestart then added 30 quarter body size angels and never had a problem. Fish require ascorbic acid, delivered in the feed. Раз в неделю добавляйте по 1 капсуле на 50–60 литров аквариумной воды.

However, beyond that, the amount of protein and lipids required is unknown. In general, many fishes have a higher requirement for protein than other vertebrates. Fry and fingerlings can be fed up to 5% of their body weight daily. Examples include starvation, a high percentage of carbohydrates in the diet, a high amount of lipids, and rancidity. With knowledge comes responsibility: Only thing now I need to buy other chemicals to keep adjusting the water to a safe level.

Careful attention must be paid to storage of feeds. When feeding a mixed population of fishes, as is typical in hobbyist tanks, several types of feed items may be required to meet the needs of the fishes. Tested water daily to be safe and never found ammonia or nitrites. I only use chemical test kits because I found the tank dips are not accurate. So for those of you that are setting up for the first time use this product. After all a fishnets cycle is a boring aquarium. Тетра КристалВотер удаляет частицы грязи из аквариумной воды быстро, безопасно и надежно.

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