Led cube 8x8x8 инструкция

led cube 8x8x8 инструкция
You can stop the loop and play just one selected demo by tilting left, right, and forward. Connection Schematic Step 21 — Connecting the Arduino Use two female headers side-by-side to act as the port to your controller. Each layer goes to one of remaining 8 return wire sockets. It’s a good idea to do this in a temporary fashion, with jumper wires, to make sure everything’s fine.

Add your own sensors for new interactions or make improvements to your cube itself. Countries list for EMS shipping: Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Romania, Israel, Philippines, Slovakia, Greece, South Korea. When you solder, don’t hold the iron more than 2 seconds on the LED, otherwise it can be damaged. Найдем на ней контактные площадки, отмеченные второй красной стрелкой на фото 25. (она на один уровень выше). Соединим их каплей припоя.

Bit in all 8 layers this ways so that all 64 wires on the bottom are fully seated. The magic of owning a Cube comes with being a part of the world’s first volumetric app sharing community, CubeTube! Take a piece of wire and solder the tab of the bottom layer to the tab of the layer you just soldered in place.Connect ground to the the ground tab.Test each led using the same setup as you used when testing the individual layers. Keep working on it until you have one layer fully connected on the bottom.

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