Micromaster integrated combimaster инструкция

micromaster integrated combimaster инструкция
Causes an F074 trip if the motor I t calculation reaches its limit. Only effective if P006 set to ‘0’. Page 25 COMBIMASTER & MICROMASTER Integrated REFERENCE MANUAL Parameter Function Range Description / Notes [Default] P014 • • • • Skip frequency 1 (Hz) 0 – fmax** A skip frequency can be set with this parameter to avoid the effects of mechanical resonance. The ‘Universal’ plate has been designed to simplify adapting the COMBIMASTER for other motors. In most cases, the ‘Universal’ motor interface plate can be used with a simple flat metal ‘Base Plate’ and no tooling is required. Thanks to the wide range of power ratings up to 7.5kW almost all inverter-related applications can be consequentially designed without electrical cabinets. Page 75: Environmental Aspects Burst Interference EN 61000-4-4 1 kV power cables, 0.5 kV control The COMBIMASTER is intended exclusively for professional applications.

For a full description of the MIP options, please refer to section 9.2 of this document. Page 67 COMBIMASTER & MICROMASTER Integrated REFERENCE MANUAL Continuous Current Ratings. Page 70 COMBIMASTER & MICROMASTER Integrated REFERENCE MANUAL Siemens 1LA5 Motor Case Size A Inverter Description Standard MIP for 1LA5 Motors and CS A inverters. Position of the Inverter As explained above, the continuous rating Ideally, the inverter should be positioned so depends on the amount of cooling available for that the hole in the motor fan cover is centered the inverter from the motor fan. With an emmidiate effect it has new functions like positioning, extended safety functions and safety digital inputs and outputs.

Page 68: Application Example COMBIMASTER & MICROMASTER Integrated REFERENCE MANUAL 9. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION 9.1 Application Example Set-up Procedure for a Simple Application Application requirements: Normal operating frequency set within range 15 — 50 Hz via an external potentiometer. For this reason it is not possible to specify continuous current ratings which will be achieved under all circumstances. Setting these parameters will allow you to customise the operation of the COMBIMASTER to meet almost any application requirement.

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